To the Sea – Tara Darby

We recently worked on a set of prints for Tara Darby.

‘To The Sea’ – an exhibition of candid landscape photographs by up and coming British photographer, Tara Darby opened on Monday 3rd August at Paul Smith GLOBE T5

Tara’s work exudes both sincerity and beauty in images that depict a single sleeper van parked on a beach, a wetsuit drying in the sun and waves breaking in the sea. With prints entitled ‘Blue Surfer Wagon, San Onofre’ and ‘Telescope, Burgh Island’, Tara’s photos capture every day scenes of the landscape around us in this captivating solo show.

The show comprises 18 original 12 x 16 prints all available to buy.

‘To The Sea’ 
5th-22nd August

Paul Smith Globe, 
Terminal 5 Departure Lounge, 
Heathrow Airport

For more informartion regarding Tara Darby visit WWW.TARADARBY.COM


Tara Darby Landscapes Page 15 Image0001


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