Pilfered Magazine… game over!

A few people might have seen this briefly lived online photography magazine, that was basically using other peoples photographs found on the web to make a 50 page online magazine every month, without so much as a credit to the photographers. Anyone could submit images (not even there own images!) for potential inclusion in the magazine. Well, it didn’t take long for a few photographers to see there images being used without copyright permission and to slap a few law suits in the direction of Pilfered before the site is “re-imagining our perspective”..


More about the short but sweet fight here: http://blog.copyrightalliance.org/2010/02/pilfering-copyrighted-images-mock-freedom-and-respect/

and here http://thecopyrightzone.com/?p=249

and on PDN: – http://www.pdnpulse.com/2010/02/pilfered-magazine-removes-infringements-reimagining-perspective.html

To all the guest editors… you suck…


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