Lanovia up and running again

Finally…after much scsi research and ebay purchases , we managed to finally get the Lanovia running on a PowerPC old G5 mac!. This flat bed scanner was pretty much the best one ever made. It is about 10 years old and it is a constant battle to keep these old scsi devices working on newer systems. No one really supports them anymore, as they have not been  manufactured or sold for many many years. It cost about £25k when new!

As a result of the high cost of upkeep on this scanner, all print scans will be charged at £40+vat from 1st November 2010. This will be for any size high res flat bed scan up to 150Mb.

We can scan artwork and prints up to 13.75″x18.5″ in original dimensions. Larger than this can be scanned in sections and pieced together, but will be charged for each section. With this method, we can scan flat artworks up to 28″ x 50″!!

This scanner is pretty unique still, as many slightly 3d artworks can be scanned to amazing quality and depth of field. Drum scanning mounted or some fibre based prints is highly problematic, and using the Fuji Lanovia can be a good solution.


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