Touch USB sticks – NEW

You are now able to request your scans, retouched images or cmyk files on a USB stick. Cost is £15 + vat and has the benefits of:-

1) re-usable  – instead of throwing about disks after you have copied off the images, you can continue using the usb data stick for other files. You are free to use it for whatever purpose you require of course! Our design of stick is made from FSC certified source of wood so pretty environmentally friendly.

2) Very reliable data compatibility.  USB 2.0 can be read by all PCs and Macs. (including Macbook airs that have no CD drive)

3) 4Gb of storage space on each stick allow large amounts of images to be stored. The have a good high speed data transfer rate, faster than burning and verifying a whole DVD.

Just request that your scans or images be supplied on USB next time you are in, or on the phone, and cost will be added to your account. You can of course still request a CD and/or DVD alongside the usb stick if you want both at the appropriate cost.

Please try and bring your usb stick back in if you want new scans supplied at any time.


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